About Us

Lingerie Nook is our baby.    We have been in the customer service and retail clothing business for over 40 years.   We have always loved the look, feel, and idea of quality lingerie products.   So, after our career paths set us free to pursue a new direction we decided to open a online shop of quality products, offered at the best price we could find.  And, here we are, with Lingerie Nook.  

We hope you like what you see and honor us with your business.   We know how hard it is to find good lingerie so please take a look at what we offer.   If you don’t see what you want, contact us and let us know.  We will try and find the item or items you are looking for.  Just part of our customer service culture.

Thanks for checking us out and we hope we can become your go to website for quality lingerie.

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Kay Kay & Henri

K C Enterprises USA, LLC.